Name:  Heaven-Leigh Cortez

Artist Statement:  I am a person, who one could say, does not always have a fantastic way with words. Sometimes my emotions are just too complicated to convey with simple written or spoken phrases. This is where the aspect of making art comes into play. Not only is it something that I truly enjoy doing; it is a way in which I can easily express myself. When I am at a loss for words I know I can rely on making a picture to get my thoughts across, loud and clear.
There is absolutely no way that I could pick just one way in which I get my ideas. I get my inspiration from everything around me, whether it be a movie I have watched, or a song I have heard, or even a book I have read. I could even get my inspiration while walking down a busy city street. In my opinion, observing and taking in everything around you is the best way to connect with your inner artist, which is just waiting to shine through.