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Visual Love

Name:  Alexei Nemchenko

Artist Statement:  Photography to me is the visual equivalent of poetry. Although the verses are written by an eye rather by a hand, the basis of the structure is the same. A good photograph provides its viewer with a story which is a little bit of history of the photographer's past whereabouts. It is a stamp on the passport of an artist's experience. Every photograph I make follows that principle.
Although a number of my ideas take time to develop, many of them are born instantaneously. Whatever my present environment may be - a park path, a street, a bridge - I label every element of that scene as a living being. When I create a photograph, it is not something I create solely. The elements of that scene and I create it together. Theses elements are, in fact, very much alive, and the quality of the visual poem depends greatly on their relationship with the photographer.
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