Name:  Gerardo Mendez

Artist Statement: I live in a city that never sleeps, with so many hidden paths and secrets that some people might never get to discover. One day, while I was biking to Prospect Park, I passed by a wrecked house hidden behind a tall building that was barely visible from either side of the street. When I saw this location an earlier idea came to mind that had been sparked by a Jefferson Airplane song, and the movie Alice In Wonderland. I soon felt like I had found my location for an anxiously awaited photo shoot. Seeing this location made me feel I could recreate a tea party as Alice had in her bizarre world. A tea party in a broken atmosphere with no guest to have tea with just a girl in her “home” waiting for non existing guest. As if making these pictures weren’t enough of a thrill for me. Finding this location inspired me to go out and find more hidden locations.