"Just Gone Fishing"



By: Michelle Kaplun

About This Project

A little over a year ago, Michelle Kaplun became engaged in the creative process. This, of course, is not surprising, since at that time Michelle was a student in an experimental photography course that I was teaching. What is surprising, however, is that the creative venture that Michelle pursued was inspired by an idea that was sparked in a photography studio, but was undertaken as a writing project.

Michelle wrote a memoir, a literary work that is concerned with the author’s personal experiences. The subject of her project is her grandfather, Sam. Her grandfather had been diagnosed with cancer five years ago and Michelle’s writing is an account of her struggle to come to terms with his illness and eventual death.

I feel as if I know Michelle’s grandfather well through her creative efforts after having spent nearly a year and a half of weekly resource center meetings with her, while she worked on her memoir. I am proud of her hard work and of the result. I am proud that I am her teacher.

Michael Solo

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