Welcome to our Camera Obscura page. On this page we will discuss how the Art Department storage room was made into a camera obscura. There is also information regarding what a camera obscura is and how it works. In addition, there are links which we believe will help to expand your horizons and to help you better understand the natural laws of the physical world which makes this natural phenomenon possible. Enjoy.

Interview with photography program teacher Michael Solo, by photography student Anastasia Kizima, concerning the Art Department's camera obscura.

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Abelardo Morell

This contemporary photographer has spent years making photographic images that are actually photographs of the images that are produced inside rooms which he has turned into camera obscuras. Once you have arrived at his Web site click on (Photographs). On the Photographs page click on the (Camera Obscura) portfolio.

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Historical and Scientific Information

These Web sites offer historical information regarding the discovery of the Camera Obscura phenomenon as well as scientific explanations concerning how this optical effect occurs.

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