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About the "International Project"


Welcome to our "International Project" page. The "International Project" is an ongoing independent study program offered to Dewey photography students. The intended purpose of this program is to celebrate the diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds of our student body through image making. Many Dewey students have connections to countries other than the United States and often travel to those countries to visit their families. Participating students will investigate the distinctive cultural habits of the people in the location that they will be traveling to and make photographic images to document that study.

One of our student's portfolio of images that was made in Bangladesh is currently on display in our "International Project" Gallery. We will be adding many more images, made in at least 20 other countries, over the next couple of months. In addition to the images, a brief description of the picture making process and the artist's ideas concerning their subject matter will accompany the photo essay. Participating students may also earn community service credit by presenting their photographs in a global studies classroom when the area of the world that the photo essay addresses is being covered.

For more information about participating in the "International Project" see Mr. Michael Solo in rm. 272.


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